Music, productivity and YUDU’s desert island disks

By Emily Byrne, Marketing Executive at YUDU

Does listening to music while working remotely increase productivity? Let’s take a look at the facts and figures. One study shows 90% of workers perform better when listening to music, with 88% of employees producing more accurate work when listening to tunes. Business owners seem to agree with their employees, with 65% suggesting music makes their employees more productive and as many as 40% claiming playing music can increase sales. Source.

Meanwhile, another study found an increase in mood and quality of work whilst listening to music, as well as an increase in productivity whilst listening to background music when performing a repetitive task. Source.

The jury’s out at the BBC as to whether music makes us more productive when working: “While some research has found that music can help us stay calm and focused, a recent study found that it can make it hard to communicate basic instructions.” Source.

YUDU CEO, Richard Stephenson posed an important question to the team at YUDU, in preparation for our Samling Zoom video call: “Which would be your five desert island isolation tracks?”

This question got all our staff thinking. Which song would keep us positive? Which track could be played over and over, without getting tiresome? What would our colleagues make of our taste in music?

Here are a few of YUDU staff’s responses of there can’t-live-without tracks:

Ryan Forsdick: Long Road to Ruin; Foo Fighters

Be mine Tonight; Dave Dobbyn

301210; Antonymes

Surfing with the Alien; Joe Satriani

Natural Disaster; Zac Brown Band

James O’Brien: Stevie Wonder; As

Arcade Fire (with David Bowie); Wake up

James Vincent McMorrow; Gold

Fleetwood Mac; Rhiannon

Blur; Tender

Alan Tidmarsh: Crossroads; Cream

Voodoo Chile; Jimi Hendrix

Hotel California; Eagles

Eight Days a Week; The Beatles

505; The Arctic Monkeys

Ann Petty: Forever Autumn; Justin Hayward 

Wade in the Water; Ramsey Lewis

Handbags and Gladrags; Rod Stewart

Born to Run; Bruce Springsteen 

Summer of 69; Bryan Adams

Harvey Brindle: Step right up; Tom Waits

Walk on hot coals; Rory Gallagher

Voulez Vous; Abba

M.A.A.D. City; Kendrick Lemar

Bossa Dorado; Joscho Stephan

Ruxandra Recoseanu: Kriminal; Robin and the Backstabbers
Chop suey!; System of a Down

Till Kingdom Come; Coldplay

The Kill; Thirty Seconds to Mars

Closer; Kings of Leon

One of the most pressing and controversial questions staff asked was: Who wins? The Beatles or Abba?

Richard’s burning question stemmed a flurry of further Samling discussions. We’ve gone on to discuss our top five Christmas movies, action movies and TV series. Talking about these topics has boosted staff morale and has us all feeling super festive. What’s next? The list is endless.

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