The Independent Publishers Guild’s Virtual Spring Conference: 2nd & 3rd June 2020

By Emily Byrne, Marketing Executive at YUDU

Header Image by Gemma Smith, Graphic Designer at YUDU

The lowdown

The Independent Publishers Guild’s Spring Conference exhibited the resourcefulness of independent publishers since the start of the coronavirus crisis. The aim of the conference was for attendees to connect and learn with others to gather inspiration and ideas on how their business could be bettered.

YUDU were delighted to virtually exhibit at the Conference on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd June. Equipped with bags of knowledge on how YUDU Publisher can help publishers convert to digital publishing for their magazines and catalogues to benefit their business, Senior Account Manager, Miranda Tadros manned our virtual stand.

Miranda commented: “I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s IPG virtual conference and hope there will be more of these in the future. I found it to be incredibly informative and engaging. I was able to represent YUDU on our stand and attend seminars at the same time, which can only happen in a virtual space. Thank you IPG for a fantastic event!” YUDU were also sponsors of the event.

YUDU helps publishers to increase their digital reach, while providing a reading experience people can access and enjoy on any device. Activity within your publications is captured to provide valuable insights for advertisers, who can harness our technology to tailor adverts to your audiences, using animation, video and pop-ups—a great way to either up-sell to or retain advertisers.

YUDU Publisher were proud to showcase our PhoneView and Multimedia technologies at the conference:


Phoneview delivers device optimised design for any screen, ensuring your digital magazines and catalogues look fresh whatever the format. Although YUDU Publisher is responsive by design, Phoneview elevates the smartphone experience. Readability is emphasised, meaning your articles will be accessible to readers on the move, in a text size which suits them. Meanwhile, device detect ensures the optimum format is automatically selected, to best suit the device your customers are using. Responsive content will allow for designs to be retained when you make the switch from print to digital.


Multimedia technologies allow you to drive engagement to your magazines and catalogues with interactive elements. Videos can be hosted or streamed to complement articles of support advertisements, while slide shows and images display your products to best advantage. Customers can share and bookmark their favourite pages via email and social handles and can even make their own annotations for a personalised experience. HTML allows for the embellishment of your magazines and catalogues with captivating animation and interactive logos. Feedback forms can be linked to your site’s sign-up forms, while YUDU Publisher’s pop-up feature displays information and articles thanks to responsive HTML. Active URL redirection will lead customers to web pages, email addresses or content pages – you choose. Have no fear, YUDU Publisher is super simple and speedy to use, though our creative services team are always on hand and eager to provide technical expertise on all aspects of multimedia.

Furthering our industry knowledge

YUDU benefited from gaining valuable insight from likeminded publishers across the world, discovering how they’ve been adapting in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. We particularly enjoyed the Australian Publishers Association’s webinar titled ‘Coronavirus’ International Impacts’, with Michael Gordon and Peter Schoppert.

 Michael stated that in Australia, an increase in e-books and online sales have not been enough to combat the loss in physical publishing sales. However, the response to coronavirus from educational publishers in Australia has been ‘unbelievably inspiring’. Libraries and schools across Australia are hosting educational stories online for children to access from home. This national effort signifies an extraordinary political win for the Australian Publishers Association.

Michael commented pivoting to working from home was easily done by the Australian Publishers Association and suspected the shift to remote working was easier for smaller publishers. Working remotely has allowed for more global communication and the expansion of the Australian Publishers Association’s skills hub, Michael concluded.

YUDU were also fascinated by Benedict Evans’ webinar about content and consumption trends in the publishing realm, titled ‘Paths to The New Normal’.

Benedict highlights the importance of huge new e-commerce platforms, with the likes of Shopify market (cap is 85 billion dollars), Instagram, YouTube and Stipe (valued at 35 billion dollars) laying the foundations for digitally driven sales. These brands demonstrate digital distribution is the smart way forward for publishers and shows independent e-commerce is so essential, each platform is worth tens of millions of pounds, at least.

Benedict outlines how suddenly, technology became part of international policy. Tech has enabled freedom of speech through platforms such as twitter and LinkedIn. Tech has also created a sounding board for issues around the world, such as election results, labour laws, political issues and cross-border jurisdiction. It has given way to revolutions such as face recognition, data encryption and artificial intelligence. However, tech also generates a platform for the spread of fake news, privacy breaches and the broadcasting of hate speech.

‘Microsoft has seen two years’ of digital transformation in two months.’

– Satya Nadella

Made even more apparent by the spread of Covid-19, Benedict concludes technology is systematically an integral part of our society.


At Yudu we were delighted to exhibit on how converting to digital can transform content and improve readers’ experiences. Digital publishing will increase circulation and save on printing and distribution costs, putting a shine on green credentials.

The virtual nature of the conference enabled YUDU to emphasise the multi-platform access granted by our software. It’s safe to say, we were inspired by all of the publishers we spoke to and their innovative approach to tackling distribution challenges during Covid-19. Thanks again, IPG!

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