How JTF Made Digital Catalogues a Success Story

Who are they?

JTF, a home warehouse retailer with a significant presence in the North of England are a recent YUDU digital catalogue client who came on-board after seeing our technology in action, particularly in terms of how it worked for Screwfix, in order to produce their own digital catalogues.

JTF are a particularly unique use-case for YUDU’s Digital Catalogue technology since they already use a physical mailing catalogue that is a large and important part of their business, so the digital reproduction of this catalogue needed to add value to that rather than being a static replica.

How are they using YUDU technology?

JTF wanted something that could sit in all browsers, so a HTML solution worked best for them, being able to scale to all devices quickly and efficiently and channel traffic back to their website. This is a common approach most of our successful clients employ: Using the catalogue as a form of multi-channel marketing that can then direct consumers back to the retailer’s main e-commerce site on the associated product pages to complete purchases

But beyond the basics JTF employed YUDU technology for creating interactive digital catalogues in a variety of unique and interesting ways that stand as a good case study on how to make a digital catalogue strategy successful and not just a fruitless timesink.

Version Control:

Firstly, there is only one direct link, under the “Latest Leaflets” part of the sitemap titled “Mega Discount Mailer”. This link has various other calls to action across the site but the crucial point is that JTF do not link off to a series of catalogues, such as an archival view including previous seasonal catalogues, ensuring that whatever their customers see and are exposed to is always the most up to date edition. This is a form of version control that helps to keep confusion to a minimum.


Branded Toolbar:

JTF also make use of a toolbar branded to their own specification within the digital catalogue, including the use of their own branding colors to ensure more comprehensive white-labeling.



Uniquely for JTF, since they are a warehouse retailer offering deep discounts on in-store goods, not every single good listed is available for purchasing online. Therefore they needed a digital catalogue system that could accommodate the fact that not every product was available online. They did this by incorporating a “Buy Now” button into the digital version of the catalogue that sat alongside the “In-Store” button, which indicates that the customer needs to go to their nearest JTF warehouse to get the deal and buy the good in-store.


Following on from this division between in-store and “buy now” products led to one of the most innovative uses of YUDU technology: Clicking on the “Buy Now” button brings up one part of our “SmartCat” module, an in-catalogue digital shopping cart to which consumers can add items that interest them throughout the edition.



Throughout the customer’s user journey, any products that the user adds to the in-catalogue shopping cart are also added to the shopping cart on the e-commerce site (via a script). This helps ensure a seamless transition between catalogue and e-commerce site, without having to have the catalogue replicate already existing e-commerce functionality the site already provides for. Meaning that when they’re ready to purchase the goods they’ve added, the process is simple and pain-free.


JTF have had excellent success so far incorporating interactive digital catalogues into their existing mailer strategy.

Find out more!

If you product catalogues and would like to learn more about how we’ve helped other clients like JTF – and how we could potentially help you do the same, just get in touch.


Originally written by Nicholas Kleanthous

YUDU Publisher is the award winning cloud publishing platform used around the world for creating online publications. It was developed by YUDU, app developers and software architects. YUDU Publisher allows you to create high-quality, feature rich, digital versions of magazines, brochures and catalogues that are accessible and visually stunning on any device.

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